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Post by StonerDude on Sat May 16, 2015 3:35 pm

Midwest Stoner here, been at it a long time -without weed me knows not where I'd be right now however, the modern era has swept in a generation of baby boomers who could pretty much give a fuck if somebody was smokin weed or not. No not everyone but hey the American way, and our Stoner Culture has been waaaay ahead of it's time. What we know of democracy has brought forward the will of it's people this time, and in many places. Hats off to all the stoner generations and the new acceptable culture that persists in CO WA AK OR and all stoner state wannabes to come -collectively we were always right so keep going until there is a complete freedom and our Stoner Culture finds its place in the new world order of politics, economy, ecology, and policy .. the repression of weed has been to the detriment of our society. Best Wishes Stoners !!!


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