Police seize 17 kg of marijuana, $170K cash in Charlottetown

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Police seize 17 kg of marijuana, $170K cash in Charlottetown

Post by LemonTree on Fri May 08, 2015 11:50 am

Seizure includes highly concentrated cannabis resin known as budder for the first time on P.E.I.

RCMP released details of a drug bust on a Charlottetown home Wednesday.

The bust took place on April 24.

More than $170,000 cash was seized along with 17 kilograms of marijuana,
650 grams of hashish, more than 500 oxycodone pills, and some concentrated
cannabis resin commonly known as budder.

RCMP said this is the first time police have seized budder on the Island.

They said they are concerned because it's highly concentrated, expensive,
and also dangerous.

"We have a concern when people are actually trying to manufacture these
types of things because of the solvent, as everybody knows a solvent is
explosive," said Const. Scott Minty, who is with the RCMP's federal
investigative unit in Charlottetown.

"So if you're doing this in a confined area, and there's a spark, or somebody
is smoking a cigarette, there is the potential that there could be an explosion,
which concerns us."

Police estimate the value of the drugs at between $270,000 and $300,000.

Other paraphernalia common to the drug trade was also seized.

A 32-year-old male and 34-year-old female were taken into custody and
were later released pending charges.

Police say they will lay charges later this month.

Credit: www.cbc.ca

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